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Monday Mopho: Geometry

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Today’s the re-introduction of a long-dormant feature on this site. Long long ago, I’d run a photo on this blog every Monday, and I called the series — get this — Monday Photo. Brilliant, yeah? Well, now I’m starting that feature back up, but with a small change: now it’s the Monday Mopho, in which said photo will always be taken with my beloved futurephone.

And yes, I do in fact realize it’s Tuesday, but it totally feels like a Monday because yesterday was Memorial Day and “Tuesday Mopho” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. Admit it: you know you didn’t even remember it was Tuesday until I brought it up.


I took this photo inside Copley Place last week during the lunch break while I was attending An Event Apart (which, oh yeah, I still need to write about). Just a quick reminder how much I adore living in a city with such varied and fascinating architecture.

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June 1st, 2010 at 11:00 am

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FROM THE ARCHIVES: Toy Story 3: Cowboy Down

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Originally published December 9, 2005.  This is not what will actually be happening in Toy Story 3 (pretty clearly, I think).  I wrote this after I snapped this picture when Laurel dropped her Woody doll in the snow outside our house.  At the time, Disney and Pixar were going through the contentious battle which saw Disney threatening to make Toy Story 3 without Pixar — I think luckily for all of us, that original plan was scrapped once The Mouse officially acquired them.  Now, though, feel free to go check out the official Toy Story 3 teaser trailer, and look out here for more Pixar-related content this week, including my review of Up.  (Spoiler alert:  I liked it.)

  R.I.P WoodyThe Walt Disney Company today revealed that the plot of Toy Story 3 – a movie the studio is making without longtime partner Pixar, who produced the first two Toy Story features — would surround the mysterious death of Woody at the hands of a “cereal (toy) killer” and the other toys’ quest for revenge. Speculation has it that Disney’s willing to kill off the beloved cowboy sheriff because Tom Hanks was reluctant to lend his voice talent to the project; given Tim Allen‘s career of late, he’s expected to return to the role of Buzz Lightyear. No word on whether Slinky Dog (voiced by Jim Varney, who died in 2000) would also meet his grisly end in the flick.

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May 31st, 2009 at 10:05 pm

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Monday Photo: B-Frank

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Just to prove that even though I might loathe our current administration as much as the next pinko liberal hippie, I can find my moments of patriotism, too:

(Most of my Boston-area readers might well recognize the statue, but for those of you in places other: this statue of Ben Franklin stands in front of the Old City Hall on School Street in Boston. Once, matters of great import to the city, the region and likely the country were decided within those walls; now, steaks of great quality and expense are eaten at the Ruth’s Chris Steak House inside.)

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May 8th, 2006 at 9:30 pm

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One advantage to having to come home from work early to get Terry’s truck fixed: I got this picture.

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April 14th, 2006 at 4:22 pm

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Monday Photo: Piano

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I sincerely hope that my children grow up to be musically inclined. Terry and I are going to encourage them both as much as we can to play any instruments they find interests them (without pushing music on them if they’re not interested, of course). They’ve got a good shot at having some talent: their mother sings and plays guitar very well, as did her father, and their dad… well, kind of hacks around at a variety of instruments without being all that great at any of them, but sure tries. Kelsey’s got fantastically long fingers which would be great for playing piano or guitar, or, more suiting her nature, the harp; Laurel’s going to be the drummer for some industrial metal band, I’m pretty sure.

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March 6th, 2006 at 2:57 pm

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