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Tonight’s post is a study for a project I’m doing for a friend of mine. Whatever I wind up doing it with it, I can tell you that what you see here is not exactly what’ll end up as the final version — for one, this is just kinda off and furthermore not all that exciting (though it’s an inhaler…how exciting can it be?). But it’s a start, and it was practice drawing something non-organic and something which is made out of curved plastic rather that all hard straight edges, so it was a worthwhile to attempt even if this particular attempt wasn’t quite there.


(Estimate time: 20 minutes.)

And as a bonus tonight, I can now show you the results from yesterday’s purposefully-sketchy drawing, though I’m going to put it under the fold so as not to spam you with too many images at once:

The reason for the sketchy and the cartoony was because I had something I wanted to try in Adobe Illustrator. And while it’s not exactly what I had in mind at first, I think it turned out pretty damn well for a still-figuring-out-what-I’m-doing project:

Cap’n Tightpants by ~AllenHolt on deviantART (Click on through to Deviant Art for the full-size image.)

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January 21st, 2008 at 11:16 pm

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  1. Come one, now. Inhalers are great fun and excitement–didn’t you know?

    Seriously, this looks good, though. A much better start than we were coming up with. :)

    FL Amy

    22 Jan 08 at 9:06 am

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