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OK, something a little different tonight. This one’s another one where the results themselves aren’t particularly important, because I was trying something new. And that something new is part of some new rules I’m putting in place from this point forward for the project.

Starting tonight, I’m allowing myself all-digital “cards.” Tonight’s the first of those. Since this project is to allow me to learn new things and practice new techniques, and I believe digital artwork to be my medium of choice, then it doesn’t make sense not to allow myself to do digital pieces when I feel like it. So I’m not gonna not allow myself to work digitally.

I do intend going to keep to the spirit of the project: small areas of artwork, intended to be done somewhat quickly and allowing for trying out ideas or techniques. Tonight’s quickie “card” was drawn and colored in Photoshop; I wasn’t concerned with the what of what I was drawing (which is probably obvious from looking at it) as much as the how. I’m not all that happy with this how; I drew this at too small a resolution (72dpi), and I think I’ll be doing future digital drawings at a higher resolution, even if the end result will still be no bigger than 300px by 500px, the same dimensions all previous entires have been.

Anyway, yeah, the result here isn’t anything to write home about, but I wanted to put this one out there to introduce this new wrinkle to the project, and to get back to working on stuff after taking a few days off. More (and hopefully much better) tomorrow!


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February 6th, 2008 at 11:12 pm

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