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More process experimentation tonight, and I don’t have the energy left in me to finish it, so you get an obviously not-done piece. Which is fine, I suppose. Not like Cyclops needs hands anyway.

This one’s another all-digital piece — I did the original sketch in Illustrator, followed it up with the “inks” in Illustrator (and learned quite a bit about how I might pull that off), then switched to Photoshop for the colors, which I’m not sure I’m gonna do again. As much as I love me some Photoshop, I think Illustrator works much better for me for what I’m wanting to do. I might go back and do some more work on this one later on.


(Estimated time: 2 hours or so for everything. I’ll get faster as I better figure out my process. I hope.)

Written by Allen

February 7th, 2008 at 11:20 pm

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