Do or Do Not.

Are these Pop Tarts pre-toasted?

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I’ve had something of an uneasy relationship with The Awesomely Satanic American Marketing Machine of Doom for awhile now–I hate the fact that I’m manipulated by the tricks of marketing, both obvious and subtle, yet sort of impressed on an intellectual level with those tricks as well.

But MaryAnn over at Geek Philosophy brings our attention to a bit of marketing that’s simply wildly inappropriate, though kind of funny when you think about it: Darth Vader’s Lava Berry Explosion Pop Tarts TM.

UPDATE: My buddy Ben at work just told me that he’d tried the “Lava Berry Explosion Pop Tarts” and they (this is a direct quote) “make your doodie red.” More proof of the Evil of the Dark Side of the Force!

Written by Allen

June 9th, 2005 at 2:39 pm

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