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Batman Begins…to get me hyped for this movie.

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Hot on the heels of the grandeur of the Serenity trailer, Apple now has the final trailer for Batman Begins and it’s got me pretty geeked. While there are certainly a couple of goofy moments in it, the many, many bits of utter kewlness thoroughly trumped them.

What we can see of the overall look and feel of the movie is fantastic–far more what I’d expect from a Batman movie than the primary-color fetish-fests Joel Schumacher staged. The aesthetic follows the grounded look of Tim Burton’s first Batman but without Burton’s (pardon the pun) gothic sensibilities. (Of particular interest to me was the fact Gotham City looked like a real city, not a city conceived by a production designer strung out on amphetamines.) Most of the actors seemed to fit their roles well (I most enjoyed what little bit we saw of the always-excellent Morgan Freeman), though Katie Holmes didn’t much impress me as the requisite love interest. Still, it’s only a trailer and I’m certainly not going to judge too harshly based on seeing twenty seconds of her performance.

I don’t want to say too much more here because I don’t want to blow my bat-wad, so to speak, when the movie doesn’t come out for six more weeks. But Batman Begins definitely tops my list of most-anticipated films of the summer. “But Allen,” I hear you asking, “what other movies are you looking forward to during this blockbuster summer movie season?” Well, that smells like an upcoming column to me, so keep your eyes peeled!

(Not literally peeled, of course; I’d think that would damage your vision pretty terribly and make it impossible for you to watch the glory of Batman Begins. I wouldn’t wish that on you.)


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April 28th, 2005 at 1:43 pm

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