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BONUS Sunday Photo: Stylin’

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You might have wondered just where the Monday Photo has been the last couple of months. (More likely you didn’t notice it was AWOL, but I’ll try not to take it personally.) Well, truth be told, our old camera died in early January. The old Nikon Coolpix 770, the camera we got shortly before Kelsey was born so that we could record her every waking breath, finally shit the bed after four years and tens of thousands photos. We weren’t surprised — neither of us thought the camera would last forever, and we were both impressed it lasted four years [1] — though we were a bit frustrated by being cameraless.

We’d been itching to replace the camera both because Terry and I both are into the amatuer photography thing but also because of the pain of knowing that there are entire weeks of our children’s lives left undocumented. Someday the girls might look back on the mammoth collection of pictures of their childhoods and wonder just what happened during the early months of 2006… and we won’t be able to tell them. The implications are tragic. Clearly, we couldn’t let this cameralessness stand.

So on Friday night, we bopped down to our local Best Buy and got the new camera — we stayed in the Coolpix family, going with the Coolpix 4600. It’s not a sensational camera by any means (in fact, it’s pretty much bottom-of-the-line for the Coolpix family, and that’s saying something), though it’s still a decent upgrade over the old one. With the 512Mb memory card we got for it, we can store almost a thousand pictures on disk (at 1600×1200, which is the highest resolution we usually need) before having to download them off the camera, and it has better video capabilities and more color and lighting options. We know it’s not The Camera — both of us desperately want a digital SLR — but it’s a fine camera and will get us through until we can drop the money necessary to make photography the more serious hobby we both want it to be.

So in celebration of our newcamerahood, I give you the following picture of Laurel. Terry had put some gunk in Laurel’s hair yesterday to try to keep the static electricity in it to a minimum, and then had put her hair in a little topknot to keep it out of her face while we went to Kids Playground (which was an insane amount of fun for both girls). Afterwards we went to Terry’s mom’s house, where Laurel decided she didn’t need to keep her hair restrained any longer. The combination of hair gunk, static electricity, ponytail removal and extrememly active toddler resulted in the following work of beauty:

Look for the Monday Photo to resume tomorrow!

[1] It feels like there’s a post in there about our disposable culture and planned obsolesence, but that’s more thinking than I’m ready to do on a Sunday morning.

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March 5th, 2006 at 11:41 am

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  1. Look at how fast her hand’s moving!

    If Laurel was actually one of the Incredibles, you’d have told me, right?

    timmy b.

    6 Mar 06 at 10:19 am

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