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Brain spasms

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John Irving’s Until I Find You finally comes out in July, and I swear it feels like it’s been years that I’ve been hearing about this book. CNN has a rambling mini-article about Irving (my favorite novelist, incidentally) and the new novel discussing how his issues with not knowing his father have informed the book. (And really, if you’ve read much of Irving’s other work, those issues shouldn’t really come as much of a shock.)

But the thing that really jumped out at me in the article: Irving’s original manuscript for the book was 345,000 words. THREE-HUNDRED-FORTY-FIVE-THOUSAND FRIGGIN’ WORDS. His final manuscript–which he completely rewrote, by the by–was still 315,000. Even with the elevated quantity of output I’ve had lately, I feel pretty proud of myself when I write something’s that one thousand coherent, cohesive words. The thought of writing one thing that’s more than 300,000 words gives my brain spasms.

Maybe it’s time I start working on some longer pieces…

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May 26th, 2005 at 4:19 pm

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