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Father’s Day

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I just wanted to wish all of the dads I know (most especially my own) a Happy Father’s Day. It might be a holiday cynically created by greeting card companies to sell stuff, but I don’t care…it’s now my holiday cynically created by greeting card companies to sell stuff, and I’m the recipient of some of that stuff that gets bought. So Father’s Day: thumbs up.

The Amazing Terry secretly arranged to have Unca Jeff come watch the kids so she could surprise me with a trip down Highway 146 to Providence to see Batman Begins (official review coming very soon on Moviegeekz; short review: friggin’ awesome), followed by a yummy dinner at a confy little Italian bar-n-grill in the Federal Hill district. As Terry said last night: “I know you love your kids, but the best present they could have given you was some time away from them.” I’m not gonna argue with that, especially when I get Batman and Italian food out of the deal.

(Terry and Kelsey came home from shopping shortly before Terry and I left for our date; Kelsey came through the door with an “I Love Daddy” T-shirt on and, with not a little prodding, wished me a “Happy Happy Day.” Good enough for me, baby.)

Being a father has been the most thrilling and terrifying journey of my life, bar none; being a father to my two gorgeous, constantly surprising, endlessly entertaining daughters has been so much more fulfilling and rewarding than I’d ever imagined it could be. Each year that passes makes this holiday mean more and more to me. I know that both the ups and the downs of fatherhood will grow greater and more intense as time goes on (and man, time is going on way too damn quickly), but I wouldn’t miss this ride for anything.

Anywas, Happy Dad’s Day, all’a youse dads reading this thing. I truly hope all of your lives have been as enriched by the experience of being a father as mine has.

Written by Allen

June 19th, 2005 at 4:47 pm

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful day! Love your second-to-last paragraph; you speak my heart, too, there.

    Steph cooked my favorite breakfast: corned beef hash, well done, and Quiche Lorraine, with strong coffee. Wonderful cards were received from Steph, Sarah, and my mom.

    This was a doubly important day: it was also the third birthday of my sons, which we celebrated with two wonderful cakes at the cohousing meeting today. Except for the twins getting sugar way too late in the day to handle it properly (which made for horrible bedtime karma), we had a wonderful day.

    Dwight Ernest

    19 Jun 05 at 11:02 pm

  2. What an excellent coincidence to have Father’s Day coincide with your sons’ birthday. One of those calendaric anomalies that help make life interesting.

    We discovered that we were pregnant with Laurel-To-Be on Mother’s Day ’03. Then later that day we went and bought a Jeep. I don’t think I’m ever topping that Mother’s Day and I’m not sure I should even try. :)

    Glad you had a good Dad’s Day, Dwight! And Happy B’Day to the boys!


    19 Jun 05 at 11:07 pm

  3. It’s funny–I’ve been getting gifts and free meals and such for the last few months, because I DON’T have any kids. My folks are apparently guilty for showering so much attention on my older brother’s household (he being a father and all) that they’ve taken to just giving me and Sandy stuff. Just last night, Sandy’s father treated us all to dinner, and would hear no talk of us paying for (at least) his meal.

    So, enjoy Father’s Day, you breeders. Apparently, Not-A-Father’s Day is every OTHER day.

    timmy b

    20 Jun 05 at 2:49 pm

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