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Five Random Tunes for Tuesday, November 28

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In which I pull up my entire iTunes library, shuffle all the songs, and tell you the first five songs to come up and what I think or how I feel about them.  I’m not going to cheat here, no matter how uncool the tunes that come up make me sound.

  1. “She” by Live. I saw Live play at Club Detroit in St. Peterburg, Florida, in early 1992 on the night of drummer Chad Gracey’s 21st birthday.  (Actually, I think he turned 21 at midnight, during their set.)  They played an unreleased song that night which just blew me away, a song which has still never, to the best of my knowledge, been released anywhere.  The song was called “Susquehanna,” after the river which runs near their hometown of York, Pennsylvania.  Almost fifteen years I’ve been wanting to hear that song again.  (Yes, I know that none of that has anything to do with the song iTunes served up for me, a forgettable tune from the forgettable Birds of Pray album, but I have nothing to say about it, so you get an anecdote instead.  Deal.)
  2. “New Orleans Instrumental No. 1″ by R.E.M. This song does nothing more than to remind me that there was a time when R.E.M. didn’t suck mightily.
  3. “9 to 5″ by Lisa Stone. This cover of the Dolly Parton classic was from the Office Space soundtrack and feels very, very much like one of those songs that never really needed to be covered.  Stone’s nowhere near the vocalist La Dolly is (but then again, few are) and the producers of the track insisted on putting in any number of odd audio embellishments, including mandolin flourishes… possibly to help distract from the fact that Stone is nowhere near the vocalist Parton is.
  4. “Youth Gone Wild” by Skid Row.  A lot of the hair metal I (and you, admit it) listened to back in the day hasn’t aged well at all, but this song still boasts some of what made the best of that music so great.  (I’m being completely unironic when I say that.  I mean it.  Shut up.)  Attitude, passion, strong melodies, thundering drums, sharp guitars, a vocalist who actually had some talent, even if his cartoonish persona sometimes tended to obscure it.  (Bonus points to Sebastian Bach for his recurring supporting role on Gilmore Girls!)  And not that the following statement necessarily applies all that much to Skid Row, but:  I miss the days when virtuosity with one’s instrument was actually considered something to be respected in rock music.  You just don’t hear enough quality guitar solos anymore.
  5. “Son of Sam” by Elliott Smith.  This song came up shortly after I had a discussion with a buddy about the similarly dead Jeff Buckley; man, now I’m depressed.  Between Smith and Buckley, that’s a whole lot of talent now missing from this world.

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November 28th, 2006 at 9:58 am

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