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HaPHPy Birthday, PHP!

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(I know most of you reading DODN could care less about the following news, but it’s my blog, so just deal. It’s a short post, don’t worry.)

Today marks the tenth anniversary of the first release of PHP, easily the most popular scripting language on the web (WordPress, the software I’m using for this blog, is written in PHP)–and the reason I have the nifty, well-paying job that I do.

That’s right, I’m a professional PHP developer by day…Disarmingly Sexy Distinguished Author Guy gets his play by night. The best thing about being a professional PHP developer? Not rolling my own software–I do enough of that at work to want to spend much time doing it as a hobby, too–but being able to modify and tweak the code of my web apps if I need to.

So happy birthday, PHP! Thanks for the career!

Written by Allen

June 8th, 2005 at 4:09 pm

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