Do or Do Not.

Not quite what they usually mean by “ghostwriting”

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(I’m experimenting a bit here with some quick-hit posts as the impulse strikes. Bear with me as we see if works out.)

Listenting to Hole‘s “Violet” from their Live Through This album, the one released the week after Kurt Cobain put a gun in his mouth–Is there any way Cobain didn’t ghostwrite this song? The rage simmers right on the surface just as it did in the best of Nirvana’s work, anger radiating less from the meaty hooks of the guitar riffs (muffled back somewhat in the mix) than from the aggression of Patty Schemel’s drums and Courtney Love’s throaty yell…this song would have fit nicely on In Utero, methinks.

Written by Allen

May 26th, 2005 at 11:01 am

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