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On the heels of last night’s whiny post about not being able to muster up much in the wy of momentum on my writing right now, today I found (via 43Folders) this link to The Scarlet Letters’ “Notes on Making Art.” To some degree it’s more suggestions along the lines of what I’ve been trying–keep moving forward, don’t sweat the editing until you’re doing with the first pass–but it has a couple of other nice insights in there for anyone who finds themselves stuck in first-draft hell or I-ain’t-got-any-damn-ideas hell. Though this site seems focused on visual artists in particular, the ideas are written in such a way as to be applicable to any whichever art form(s) you happen to dabble in:

How to have “lots of ideas”: permute. Start anywhere. Once a piece is done, try varying some aspect. Think of all the variables that could have permutations.

Hopefully these ideas will help kick my ass back in gear and I can start making some more progress! I’ve started thinking maybe it’s time to kill a character, just to give the plot somewhere to go, though it seems awfully early in the story to break out that particular gambit. Hmmm. Much pondering to do.

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September 23rd, 2005 at 8:51 pm

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