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Link: Sports In the Year 2015

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Okay, the idea’s decent enough: What will sports and the sports viewing experience be like ten years from now? That I’m cool with–how we viewers watch sports has changed quite a bit in the last ten years and is sure to change even more in the next ten.

But man, whoever put that project together needs to have their keys to the Internet taken away. Most of the featured “predictions” (quotes necessitated because I can’t imagine most of them were made with any seriousness, especially given that we’re only talking ten years in the future) were laughable and the Flash-based presentation itself was horrible, like the folks at ESPN found an intern in the production department, gave them a copy of the Flash software and some URLs to tutorial sites, slapped ‘em on the ass and told ‘em to let ‘er rip.[1] Awful, awful stuff.

The best part of the presentation was the predictions by Frank Gibeau of EA Sports, who seemed to have the most practical, most considered, most likely–and, honestly, the coolest–ideas for where the sports experience is going. Makes sense to me that the best ideas would be coming from the guy working in the video game industry, since they probably spend more time thinking about exactly how viewers take in sports than anyone else.

[1] To be fair, I think they paid a professional Flash designer to do the groovy animated background and the annoying vapor trails that follow your mouse–but then they gave the rest of it (meaning, of course, the important stuff: the content) to the intern to finish. (This article also published at

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December 30th, 2005 at 5:10 pm

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  1. Good Lord.

    Velcro uniforms so that umps can tell if calls were made or not?


    Recruiting fantasy players?

    I did like the surround screen, however.

    Jeff Newberry

    31 Dec 05 at 1:01 am

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