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Official Friend of Do or Do Not Mister Snitch is accepting nominations for the Best Blog Posts of 2005. I’m not soliciting votes or anything here, believe me–just wanting to help get this contest out there. (Though if you wanted to vote for some of my more eloquent or more hilarious posts, by all means, feel free.)

Here’s what Snitch is looking for:

1) Something truly witty or milk-out-your-nose funny is always welcome. Everyone tries comedy, few do it well. 2) That unique piece of information or research that everyone’s looking for, but only one blog has. 3) An issue that everyone is discussing, but only one post nails. 4) An unusual subject that few attempt, and fewer do well. 5) An interesting use of language, such as an entire post in the form of a pallindrome, or an Ogden Nash ditty. 6) Something of great service or interest to the blogosphere. Perhaps a link to blogging tools or resources that everyone should know about. 7) A great comment thread. 8) Lightning in a bottle. A post that captures a moment. Something you’d stick in a time capsule. 9) Originality, inspiration, insight, foresight. If it’s touched by greatness, we want to know about it. 10) Anything compelling. When you’re drawn to something, and you know others will be, you don’t have to analyze it.

You can leave comments at that post or email him at mistersnitch [at] hotmail [dot] com if you so desire. So get on it!

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December 21st, 2005 at 6:13 pm

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