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When I started writing this post, I opened up my text editor, switched it to full-screen view and was presented with twenty-one diagonal inches of pure, gleaming white. And I thought to myself: “Wow, that’s an awful lot of white space. That’s… a little bit intimidating, honestly. How am I possibly gonna fill that up with words? I don’t have to write this thing tonight, right?”

But I did. Do. Whatever. Those scaredy-cat thoughts popped up mostly because I’m so thoroughly out of practice writing. My brainmeats are so far out of the groove that even writing emails have become difficult for me lately. This blog hasn’t been updated in more than eight months, and my other more private online writing spaces haven’t been updated much more than that. (Hell, it had been so long since I updated this site, I couldn’t remember my password.) I can blame some of that on the arrival of Young Master Rockstar, of course, but honestly it’s not all because of him. It’s not even mostly because of him. He got here in October, so I hardly think it’s fair for me to keep blaming my lack of writing production on him six months later.

(Laurel likes to place the blame for anything she was supposed to but didn’t on “But the baby’s cute!”, as if being distracted by his adorableness is a good excuse for… well, anything. But if I won’t let her get away with that excuse, then I can’t use it, either.)

The thing is… I miss writing. I miss the thinking that goes into it (yes, please feel free to insert your own “what, you actually thought about that tripe you usually write?” joke here). Writing is how I figure out exactly what it is I feel and/or think about any given subject, so if I’m not writing, that means I’m not processing. It means I’m taking in experiences both profound and banal without giving them much (if any) consideration.

Well, it’s time for that blithe glossing-over of life to stop. I want to think about Things more, about my life and the stuff I see, do, and hear. I want to get back to writing reviews of movies and music and TV shows and books and performances and and and. I want to write more about my happens with my kids and my wife and my friends and my job and the world. I want to write about sports, though not that many of the people reading this thing give much of a shit about sports. Part of me even wants to write about politics, even though it’s inviting drama, and I freely admit that I’m not the most knowledgable person on political subjects — but again, that goes back to the “using writing to figure out what it is I think” angle.

Am I setting myself up for failure here by proclaiming my desire to write about Big Things, or with the somewhat implicit promise to write on a regular/frequent basis? Eh, maybe. If there’s one thing about me and my interests that’s proven itself to be true repeatedly, it’s that I seem unable to stick with any one project for too long. I’m sure eventually I’ll wander off and stick my head into something else… but I’d like not to stay away from writing for such a long damn time in the future.

(Oh, hey, I should probably mention: I won a Webby! Well, my team did — we won the Best Games-Related Website Webby for the site for The Beatles: Rock Band. For those of you unfamiliar with the Webbys, what we did was roughly the equivalent of winning, say, the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. It’s a pretty damn big deal, and I’m thrilled that we were honored. I’ll probably have more to say on this point later, as I think it deserves more than a tacked-on paragraph at the end of a post, but I wanted to throw it out there now. Go HMX WebTowne!)

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May 10th, 2010 at 10:51 pm

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