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Doc Ock, Gandalf Sign On For “DaVinci Code”

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The cast for Ron Howard’s adaptation of The DaVinci Code just keeps getting better and better. This movie was going to be an absolute smash no matter who they got to star in it, but man, they’re certainly not going for “movie stars” with the casting…they’re getting Actors. In addition to the already-cast Tom Hanks as protagonist Robert Langdon, Jean Reno as French policeman Bezu Fache and Audrey Tautou (Amelie) as cryptologist Sophie Neveu (though I would have preferred Julie Delpy), we now have Alfred Molina as Bishop Arigarosa and Holy Grail scholar Sir Ian McKellen as Sir Leigh Teabing. That’s most certainly an impressive cast so far.

My hopes for this movie are getting higher and higher. A movie like this one–a thriller relying so heavily on mathematics and small visual cues–could prove difficult to film, but Howard’s opening to A Beautiful Mind makes me think he can pull it off. And the cast will be top-notch. I only hope that the execrable ripoff National Treasure won’t predispose people to think The DaVinci Code‘s going to suck just as badly.

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April 20th, 2005 at 1:01 pm

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