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Moviegeekz: Reborn!

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Some of you might remember Moviegeekz, my old movie news-’n'-reviews website I ran for a couple of years but let flounder and die in 2006. テつWell, given how much writing about movies I’ve been doing here since I started updating this site again — and the fact that of the six posts I have rattling around in my head right now, five of those are about movies — it seemed appropriate to dig up the grave, exhume the corpse, pump some coffee into it and slap some lipstick on there. テつIt’s now live once again with all of the reviews I’ve written since its demise copied over to it.

And not only does it have those recent reviews, it has a brand-new one you can’t get here! テつClick on over to read my review of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and feel free to poke around a bit while you’re there. テつAnd don’t forget to subscribe to the RSS feed!

I’m pretty excited about this development — it just feels right, y’know? テつAnd it doesn’t mean I’m abandoning this site, either — I have plenty of non-movie stuff to write about sometimes, and all of that will continue go here. テつStay tuned!

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June 15th, 2009 at 10:48 am

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