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My friends rock.

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From the “Did, Not Did Not” Department:

My good friend Steve Barron, always a phenomenally talented guy, has put together a truly bizarre-and-I-mean-that-in-a-good-way video for “Shortpacked,” a track from the first album from the Deadly Fists of Kung Fu, the most excellent band fronted by my most excellent friends Zac Hobbs and Jason Hurt. The video was 100% Steve — and I mean both that he did all of the work for it, and the fact that it’s such pure, undiluted Steve. And the song is easily one of my favorite of the Fists’ songs, which is saying something since I dig most of their tunes; in all honesty, I’d like the band even if the guys hadn’t been my friends for more than ten years. (Of course, if these guys weren’t friends, I probably wouldn’t have been the one designing their website.)

It’s really pretty amazing — and more than a little inspiring — to see the kinds of things your friends are capable of when they focus their creative energies. And I think that we haven’t yet seen the best that any of these guys can do. I’m anxious to see what’s going to be coming up in the future from everyone involved; I’m pretty sure that whatever it is will likely involve toys in some fashion.

Congrats to all’a y’all for jobs well done. I’m prouder than hell of all of you.

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May 15th, 2006 at 12:01 pm

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  1. [...] Most of my friends from Florida are on MySpace, and that seems to be one of the main ways they keep in touch. For example, my insanely talented (and now Cali-ized rather than Florided) friend Steve (he of the Deadly Fists of Kung Fu video I posted here a few weeks back) has an acccount there, and I might actually keep in contact with him a little bit better if I know where I can consistently find him. [...]

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