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My lovely and amazing wife Terry has consolidated her formerly fractured — nay, schizophrenic — online presence into one awesomely shiny new site: Mother Mirth. (And I’m not just saying it’s “awesomely shiny” ’cause I built it. Well, OK… yeah I am.) This new site combines her witty dispatches on parenting with her more generalized rants into one big package of T-licious goodness. Go visit her now, update your bookmarks, add her RSS feed, and tell her I sent you!

And speaking of feeds, please direct your attention over there to the left and you’ll see nice, new, easy-to-use links which will let you add the Do or Do Not feed (also now being run through Feedburner) to your portal page or blog aggregating site of choice. So you should, y’know, do that.

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June 5th, 2006 at 12:53 pm

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