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Recently, some friends of mine took their rugrats to a party that, in retrospect, probably wasn’t a place for little kids. Some of the crowd present were parents themselves and didn’t mind (or possibly even enjoyed) the havoc that small children naturally tend to wreak. Others, however, didn’t seem to be quite so accepting of kids running around at what they obviously perceived as being an “adult” party, acting as if the kids had vile communicable diseases streaming from their every pore.

This situation led a new online acquaintance of mine to ask, in all honesty, for someone to describe the appeal of having children. This person doesn’t dislike children, but simply has no experience with them, positive or otherwise. That’s a feeling I can certainly relate to; before my daughters were born, I had virtually no experience with kids myself beyond a few hours spent in the company of friends’ kids. He got a few responses to his question, but the best one I’ve read actually came from his own wife, who has an adorable daughter of her own from a previous marriage:

Picture having a week old baby. You’ve just bathed her and fed her and you’re rocking with her, examining each of her tiny fingers, and seeing her deep blue eyes for pretty much the first time. Silver nitrate, all that, they’ve been pretty much closed. You’re looking at the little milk blister on her upper lip and smiling. She’s staring at you, arms and legs jerkily windmilling, and you wrap her up tighter. She stares at you like she’s memorizing you, like she’s meeting you for the first time.

All of you with kids, go read, because I think you’ll likely smile and nod your head knowingly, and maybe go hug your kids afterward. Those of you without kids, go read, because it might make you want go make some of your own.

As a side note, it’s always interesting meeting new people and seeing unexpected sides to them. I barely know the person who wrote that post–and even to say that I “know” her at all isn’t truly accurate, because at this point, it’s really more that we share the same online space sometimes–so I had no reason either to assume she was a good writer or to assume that she wasn’t. Yet still, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that indeed, she’s a very good writer. She has an astounding ability to write directly to the heart of an emotion (an ability I’m especially envious of given my tendency to avoid doing precisely that).

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August 23rd, 2005 at 9:22 pm

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