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Quotas Dias (4/11/05)

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It’s always A Good Thing when I find someone else making a statement that mirrors my own opinions about things, and its An Even Better Thing when they do it in such a way that allows me to just steal the quote from them and not have to do any real work myself. Today’s example of this phenomenon comes from the excellent MaryAnn Johanson of the excellent Flick Filosopher:

Sometimes you want reality from The Movies, and sometimes you just want a big ol’ cartoony popcorny action adventure flick that’s exciting and makes you laugh and doesn’t require deep thinking but also isn’t so stupid that it makes you want to cry.

That sums up the Moviegeekz guiding philosophy when it comes to reviewing movies pretty nicely; I’m thinking about adding it (with proper attribution, of course) to the Manifesto. Anyway, go check out MaryAnn’s site–she sees a lot of movies and writes well about all of them.

In honor of the discovery of this particular pearl of wisdom, I’m now instituting a new standing/recurring feature: the Quotas Dias, which is vaguely Latin-ish for “Quote of the Day.” (I’m sure my wife and her seven years of Latin study will correct me if I’m wrong about that.) The origin of the name would be of no interest to you, I’m certain, but know there was another “Quotas Dias” nearly twenty years ago and know that I’m not changing the name even if the Latin is incorrect. So there.

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April 11th, 2005 at 1:11 pm

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