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Reflections on the Past, Visions of the Future

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One year ago today, I launched Do or Do Not. The fact that it still exists, even if I don’t post to it or update it nearly as much as I feel like I should, says a lot about how much I care abou the site — every previous time I’d tried to do the blog thing, I wound up petering out after a couple of weeks and scrapping the whole thing. (Luckily for them, I’m not this lackadaisacal with my children.)

As the DODN‘s first birthday approached, I found myself thinking a lot about the future of the site… or, indeed, if it even had one. Several times over the last month or so I’ve started to write a “this is the last post” post, but each time eventually thought better of it. In fact, I contemplated making this very post the last post; I’m honestly not sure yet if I’ve thought better of it or not. The wife and I have a serious disagreement on whether or not I should continue with this blog; she thinks I should leave it up as a place to put those musings which don’t fit on any of my other online outlets, and I’m concerned that I have too many online outlets and need to prune back.

That “need to prune back” idea itself is somewhat ironic, as I’m now only a few days away from launching my newest site, a site that might wind up taking the place of this one altogether… and could ultimately subsume the rest of my vast online empire. The new site, Strong Street, is intended to be more of a representation of my professional capabilities rather than simply being a place for me to spout off about whatever’s on my mind. I’m planning on doing a lot of in-depth discussions of web development and web programming tips, standards, practices, all that kind of stuff. But I also want that information to be as friendly to new web developers as possible — to some degree, I’m hoping I can craft the kind of site I would’ve found helpful when I was starting out.

If all goes as planned, Strong Street will end up my primary online “face.” And I think that even within that heavy web-development focus I want to give to it, there will be room for some “off-topic” writing, room for some of the kinds of things that have ended up here over the last year (though maybe without such an emphasis on the mental mechanics of writing). Will it be able to take in all of my pop culture and other interests? Dunno yet. We’ll find out.

Anyway, I invite all of you who’ve been reading this blog — yes, all seven of you — to join me at Strong Street when it launches on May 1… if I get it done in time. There’s still some heavy lifting to do, but I’m sincerely hoping to get off the ground then.

Thanks, everyone, for reading this blog for the last year. Sincerely. I feel like I’ve gotten to know some knew people thanks to this site and to reconnect with some people I hadn’t touched base with for awhile. And I really don’t think this is the end of Do or Do Not; it seems likely that it’ll get some re-working and re-focusing of its own sometime pretty soon. Regardless, the existing content’s not going anywhere, so you can all read the archives and bask in the glow of my vast and immeasurable skillz. For the time being, however, Strong Street will likely be my main focus. I hope you join me over there! Make sure to say hi if you stop by.

— Allen, 2006-04-27

Written by Allen

April 27th, 2006 at 4:20 pm

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  1. I can’t wait for your new site. Maybe it will give me some motivation to start posting to my sites.

    One of Seven

    28 Apr 06 at 2:50 pm

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