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Seven Sevens

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My head, it is filled with cotton balls. Too many different thinkies battling brutally for supremacy in my brainspace. So in an effort to give the ol’ noggin some semblance of direction, I now present a slightly modified version of The Meme of Sevens, which I promised Michelle I’d do a couple of weeks back.

Seven Things To Do Before I Shuffle Off This Mortal Coil

  1. Watch both of my daughters reach adulthood happy and healthy.
  2. Travel extensively outside the United States.
  3. Learn to speak a foreign language fluently.
  4. Get a comic-book script I’ve written published.
  5. Publish a book. Not necessarily a novel.
  6. Attend Comicon International.
  7. Get us completely out of debt.

Seven Things At Which I Suck

  1. Focusing on one given task, activity or thought. I so have adult AD — ooh, lookit the shiny!
  2. Relatedly: Sticking with any one project or interest for more than a few days or weeks.
  3. Singing. I’m not tone deaf — I can hear that I’m off, I just can’t get my voice to hit the notes I want.
  4. Taking compliments.
  5. Taking credit.
  6. Taking chances.
  7. Resisting temptation.

Seven Reasons Why I Make With T3h Blogging

  1. It helps me work on the discipline of writing. I try to do something daily, whether here or one of the *Geekz sites. Knowing that there are people out there just dying to read my words daily is good inspiration.
  2. Likewise, it helps me work on the craft of writing. Not so much here, which tends to be a little more off-the-cuff, but at Moviegeekz in particular I actually try to put some effort into what I write.
  3. Ego gratification.
  4. It’s slowly getting my name out there into the world. Before I started with the blogging, I couldn’t be found on Google — well, I could, but usually buried fifteen pages down in the search results. I’m now the top result for “allen holt” on Google, which is as it should be.
  5. I’m getting to know some cool peeps from reading their blogs and vice versa.
  6. It gives me something to do when I’m bored at work. Like, y’know, now.
  7. It’s fun!

Seven Hair-Metal Bands Who’ve Rocked Me Live

These seven are but a small sampling of the maestros of metal who rocked my ass in concert during my headbanging years. The list is probably easily triple the seven I can put here.

  1. Queensryche
  2. Guns ‘n’ Roses
  3. Bon Jovi (twice!)
  4. Scorpions
  5. Whitesnake (twice!)
  6. Warrant (twice!)
  7. Trixter

Seven Books What Reside Permanently In My Heart and/or Head

I’m sure I’ve covered this one before in other memes, so I’ll try to come up with some new answers here…

  1. The Stand, Stephen King
  2. How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way, Stan Lee and John Buscema
  3. Understanding Comics, Scott McCloud
  4. The World According to Garp, John Irving
  5. On Writing, Stephen King
  6. To Kill A Mockingbird, Harper Lee
  7. Chuck Reducks, Chuck Jones

Seven Movies What Do Likewise

The following aren’t necessarily my seven favorite movies, though all would be candidates for that list. These are just the first seven of my favorites to come to mind.

  1. The Incredibles
  2. Almost Famous
  3. Field of Dreams
  4. The Shawshank Redemption
  5. The Iron Giant
  6. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  7. Garden State

Seven Famous People I Would So Do

I tried to come up with people outside the super-incredi-obvious — we just watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith last night, so Angelina Jolie comes to mind immediately, but c’mon… saying I’d do her is somewhat on par with saying I’d like to continue breathing. I mean… damn.

If you don’t know who any of the following people are, then please allow me to introduce you to my little friend Google.

  1. Leelee Sobieski
  2. Linda Cardellini
  3. Lauren Graham (Obvious for me, I know…shut up.)
  4. Rosario Dawson
  5. Morena Baccarin
  6. Zooey Deschanel
  7. Phoebe Cates (Yes, even now.)

So there ya go. I’m not tagging anyone explicitly to do this one. You wanna, go for it–feel free to change it up and make it your own. I damn sure did.

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January 19th, 2006 at 4:54 pm

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  1. Linda Cardellini circa Freaks and Geeks? Mmm. Lindsey Weir. Daddy like.

    Ahem, carry on.


    20 Jan 06 at 9:18 am

  2. Oh, yes, my friend–definitely circa “Freaks and Geeks.” Blonde ER-era Linda Cardellini is still purty and all, but brunette F&G-era Linda Cardellini…omg, yummy. Just the words “Lindsay Weir” make my pants a little tighter.


    20 Jan 06 at 9:58 am

  3. The list of hair metal bands cracks my ass up everytime I read it.


    24 Jan 06 at 12:38 pm

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