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Why not YA?

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Lauren Mechling explains why she’s all into writing fiction for teenagers and why she doesn’t feel the need to “grow up” into writing for adults.

I have to admit that the thought has occured to me more than once recently that maybe writing young adult fiction was something at which I might like to try my hand. A lot of the stories I would like to tell would appeal to and be fitting for the teen crowd; it seems likely that’s a direct result of the rather large part of my brain which has been heavily influence by Joss Whedon over the last two years. It’s also possible that my life-long devotion to comic books plays into that feeling; certainly every time I try to write something that feels too traditionally “mature” the creative parts of my brain stage a revolt.

What I want to do with my writing is entertain. Writing for audiences that are thristing for entertainment seems like it might be a good fit. More consideration and research to do here, I think.

(For more about writing young adult fiction, go check out successful YA-author Scott Westerfeld’s Westerblog, where I found the link to Ms. Mechling’s article in the first place.)

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May 20th, 2005 at 2:39 pm

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