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X-Men 3, Toy Story 3 Get Directors

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The guys over at The Movie Blog have posted some news indicating that the third installments of a couple of my favorite movie franchies ever both now have directors attached.

  • According to Ain’t-It-Cool News, Matthew Vaughn has been picked to direct X-Men 3. I don’t honestly have much of an opinion about this one yet as I haven’t seen the one movie he’s done, Layer Cake. But he’s obviously from the Empire Award for Best British Director. We’ll see, I guess–I didn’t necessarily think Bryan Singer was going to be a great choice for the first two, but he did a fantastic job. My main complaint with Vaughn’s hiring is that it officially puts to an end my hopes that the people at Fox would be smart enough to hire Joss Whedon to write and direct. If Whedon had been at the helm, I think it’s quite possible that X-Men 3 might have shot somewhere toward the top of the list of my Most Anticipated Movies EVER, especially given what we know X-Men 3 has to be about (*cough*phoenix*cough*).
  • On the OTHER end of my anticipation scale, Toy Story 3 also has a director (supposedly, this one’s still unconfirmed)–Bradley Raymond, veteran of such modern Disney classics as The Lion King 1 1/2 (which was at least watchable), The Hunchback of Notre Dame II and Pocahontas II. It looks like Michael Eisner’s belief that people will watch any computer-animated movie is so strong that they don’t even have to try to make this movie any good…it’ll rake in the cash regardless. I haven’t heard any cast involvement yet, but I can’t imagine either Tom Hanks or Tim Allen will want anything to do with this project. I have this sinking suspicion that Eisner has a Machiavellian plan to purposely try to damage Pixar’s reputation with this movie. If he can stick a stinker out there and still make money off it, that validates his reasons for letting Pixar walk–and if it’s creatively a bomb, will most people even realize that it wasn’t made by Pixar, or will they just assume the same people made it as made the first two? I don’t see any way that Toy Story 3 can be any better than mediocre in any sense, and I think it’ll have to stretch hard to make it that far–this movie’s officially on my LEAST Anticipated Movies EVER list.

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March 14th, 2005 at 10:30 pm

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