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Oh…oh…oh my gawd! It’s a new review by Allen up on Moviegeekz! I know, I know, it’s–hey, hold on, are you okay? You’re looking a little…oh, jeez, c’mon, pick yourself up off the floor–you can’t? Let me help, hold on, I’ll get you up onto the couch…

I realized when I posted the new review (this one’s for Layer Cake) that it had been three friggin’ months since I’d written a review. That certainly wasn’t my intention…I just hadn’t seen any movie at all since we went to see Batman Begins for Father’s Day. We’ve watched a number of TV shows on DVD since that time–all of “Wonderfalls,” season three of “Gilmore Girls,” the first season of “Deadwood,” plus another go-round with “Firefly”–but I didn’t want to write those up since they’re not technically movies, and the name of the site ain’t

But I’m starting to reconsider that decision. The two forms are quite obviously similar enough that it wouldn’t be absolutely out of place to discuss DVD sets of TV series on the site, and I’m sure whatever audience there is for the site wouldn’t complain much. (If they’re not complaining about the overall lack of updates, I seriously doubt they’ll complain about getting new reviews of TV shows.) Also, I don’t see my appetite for watching these series dying out any time soon–hell, season four of “Gilmore Girls” comes out the week after next. And of the 300+ movies in my Netflix queue right now, I’d wager about 100 of them are discs of TV shows. I’m growing more and more fond of series television as a storytelling medium with every excellent series we watch.

So I guess that’s settled then. Reviews of DVD sets for TV series will start appearing on Moviegeekz starting as soon as I write up a review for season one of “Deadwood.” Keep your eyes peeled. (Not literally, of course; you couldn’t read the reviews if your eyes were really peeled. Gross.)

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September 14th, 2005 at 11:11 pm

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