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Pimpin’: Allison Crowe

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It has been known to happen that I fall in completely love based entirely on a voice. Not often, but it does happen. When I saw a performance of Les Miserables in Orlando way way way back in ’92, f’r instance, I completely fell for the girl playing Eponine… even though I was so far back in the auditorium that I have no idea whatsoever what she looked like. Her voice was powerful enough and gorgoeus enough that it truly didn’t matter — the voice was enough to hook me. And one of the events which cemented my falling for my wife was watching her play guitar and sing. (I’m sure my girlfriend at the time wasn’t quite as enthusiastic about my enthusiasm for Terry’s voice, though.)

Anyway, turns out it happened again yesterday.

This is Allison Crowe, a singer-songwriter from Canada I’d never heard of before twenty-four hours ago:

Up until yesterday afternoon, Jeff Buckley’s version of “Hallelujah” was the definitive one for me, the one to which I had the strongest emotional attachment. I don’t think that’s true anymore. Crowe’s version — which has something of an automatic leg up on Buckley’s because of my Thing For Women Playing Piano — immediately moved me in a way that even Buckley’s doesn’t, and that’s not an unimpressive feat. And not only do I love listening to Crowe’s passionate, beautiful voice, but I enjoy watching her sing: I like the movements of her face as she sings, her smile, her eyes, the fact that she looks so much like she’s into what she’s doing. That combination of talent and passion is awfully damn sexy.

Thanks to Kitty for getting me thinking more about this song and thanks to Ben F. for sending me Crowe’s version. Any of you interested in hearing more of Allison Crowe’s amazing voice can check out her MySpace page or this collection of videos from her on YouTube. She’s also got a bunch of tracks available at eMusic for any of you with accounts there.

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February 22nd, 2008 at 7:34 am

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