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My impressions after less than twenty-four hours of playing with the newly-launched (and still thus far fairly sparesly populated) Google Plus:

  • It’s not Facebook. I know that sounds simple and snarky, but I’m serious. I really, really don’t like Facebook, but I can’t deny how useful it’s been for keeping in touch with people, especially people who haven’t been an everyday part of my life for a long time. I don’t trust Facebook and I don’t like what they stand for. I’m on far friendlier terms with Google, and (whether I should or not), I trust them way more.

  • The interface is dead easy. Assigning people to your Circles is almost (gasp) fun. It’s so easy to create different Circles for the different types of people in your life that I’m actually having trouble deciding on the best strategy for partitioning my friends. Uploading and sharing pics? Easy, especially from my brand-new Android phone with the Google Plus app installed.

  • I love that Google Plus is not one website — it’s a combination of tools readily available throughtout the apps you already use. You can post from Gmail, from Google Calendar, from the main Google search results themselves, almost from wherever you’re already using Google. And most people, I’d wager, already use Google a lot. That sort of no-brainer accessibility might be the thing to really make this catch on.

  • I’m looking forward to getting more friends from more parts of my life onboard. Right now, most of the people I have on there are local friends, which isn’t surprising giving how geeky that batch of friends is. But one of Facebook’s big draws is that everybody is on there, and I can’t wait for the Google Plus population to explode. I think it’s coming; I don’t think they’re going to wait long before opening it up to everybody.

  • So far, It feels more conversational and interactive than Facebook does to me. And this might just be my particular group of friends using it, I’ll admit. I’m curious to see if that continues. I certainly hope it does.

If you’re in the “field test” already, what do you think of Google Plus? And if we’re not already connected on there, please feel free to add me to one of your Circles.

Written by Allen

June 30th, 2011 at 6:21 pm

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