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“Gilmore Girls” Goodness

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I’ve been getting about 30 hits a day for people searching Google for images of Lauren Graham (or her Gilmore Girls character, Lorelai Gilmore). Never let it be said that I don’t give my readers (or, y’know, those people who don’t actually read this blog but are just passing through, looking for pics of Ms. Graham to use when manually stimulating their own genitalia) what they want. In the interests of public service, have another picture of the luminous Lauren Graham:

Lauren Graham

(No, of course I don’t own the copyright to that photo. But this is, as noted, a public service, dammit. Back off.)

Two Gilmore Girls-related notes to pass along:

  • Tomorrow (Tuesday, December 13) sees the DVD release of Season Five of the show. I’ve heard that S5 was a creative high point for GG, so I’m looking forward to watching it, especially on the heels of the subpar (but still better than most everything else on TV) Sesaon Four. (It’s OK, Amy Sherman-Palladino, ‘fess up: you had no idea what to do with Rory during that season, did you?)
  • Also tomorrow, the 2006 Golden Globe nominations will be announced. Unlike the GG-hatin’ Emmys, the Golden Globes have at least shown Lauren some love, giving her a Best Actress in a TV Drama nomination in ’02. My hopes aren’t high for nominations, but we’ll see. More bizarre things have happened.

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December 13th, 2005 at 12:08 am

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This year’s Emmy nominations were announced yesterday, and surprise! No nominations for “Gilmore Girls” for the fifth straight year. I was really, really hoping Lauren Graham might have earned herself a nod this year for Best Actress in a Comedy Series, but oh, no–the overhyped “Desperate Housewives” shrews stole three of the five slots. C’mon, Emmy voters…can you really believe that 60% of the best performances for that category came from one show–one that, while supposedly funny, isn’t even really a comedy?

OK, I’ll give you the amazing Felicity Huffman–even without having seen the show, I’m familiar enough with her to know that she likely deserved her nomination, and I’m glad for her. She should’ve gotten a nomination or two for “SportsNight,” but that’s a whole other rant. But (and again, I admit I haven’t seen the show, though clearly that won’t stop me from judging it) I have a hard time accepting that either Marcia Cross or Teri Hatcher did work more deserving of an Emmy nod than Lauren Graham.

Lauren GrahamGraham’s Lorelai Gilmore is one of the most complex, believable characters on TV, and Graham skillfully portrays her many and varied moods. She’s been doing phenomenal work on that show for five years now, she’s gotten both Screen Actor’s Guild and Golden Globe nominations…but Emmy just won’t come a’callin’, just because her show’s on in the ghettos of the WB. Being on that network seems to kill any chance you’ve got at getting Emmy nods, no matter what quality work you do.

So, Ms. Graham, should you ever come across these words, know that I value the hell out of what you’ve done on that show and if I had any pull with the Emmy voters, you not only would have been nominated several times over but would have at least one statuette on your mantlepiece. Emmy’s about hype, and you don’t get hype on the WB. But you can get respect, which matters more than awards, anyway. (Not that that helps much at salary renegotiation time…)

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July 15th, 2005 at 5:03 pm

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