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100-Word Review: Spider-Man 3

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Welcome to the first installment of 100-Word Review, in which I — you’ll never see this coming — review a movie, TV show, book or whatever in exactly 100 words.  Most of the time, this will be used either for items which are not very current and not worth the time for a full review, or for things about which I just don’t have that much to say.  And no, these introductory words don’t count for this one.

What the holy hell?  How could the same people who made one good and one very good Spider-Man movie make such utter, irredeemable dreck the third time out?  A nonsensical script, special effects which not infrequently looked half-done, a fucking dance sequence, people…really, please can someone tell me what the hell happened here?  Characters spouted off wretched dialogue and changed motivations and attitudes on a whim, major plot points were determined by ridiculous coincidence, Tobey Maguire…I’d heard this was bad, but holy crow, it was way worse than I’d imagined.  Please, please don’t let these people make a Spider-Man 4.

Grade:  D

Written by Allen

May 8th, 2009 at 11:54 pm

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